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Reduce the frequency & severity of your incidents

Every year in France: more than 60,000 industrial accidents, including around 20 fires a day, occur at industrial plants and impact their production capacity.* * Les statistiques des services d’incendie et de secours, édition 2022, Ministère de l’Intérieur et des Outre-mer


not circulating effectively

Regulations & standards

paralyzing action

A means-oriented logic

losing sight of the safety objective

RiskCare revolutionizes the approach to industrial risk prevention.

Our methodology is based on operational efficiency.

Reduce your industrial risks by48%With RiskCare

Identify, qualify, and mitigate industrial risks faster and with greater precision.

Reduce the number of accidents and their impacts, ensuring better continuity of your production activities.

Join a comprehensive prevention approach.

The RiskCare ecosystem, an innovative human and technological solution.


Developed using Salesforce software, the platform centralizes continuous interactions and exchanges among its various members: industrial companies, brokers, and insurers. It also ensures the management of high-impact actions in terms of risk control. The power of Salesforce is harnessed for industrial risk prevention.


Benefit from expert advices and personalized recommendations tailored to your production facilities, aiming at significantly reduce and limit industrial risks on your sites.

RiskCare in the news

RiskCare is now a key player in the field of industrial risk prevention, and start winning several notable awards. Find out more about RiskCare's latest highlights here.

What benefits for you?

RiskCare reinvents the way underwriters, brokers, and industrial companies respond to threats at industrial sites.
Multiply your prevention capacity
Transform your risk portfolio
Improve profitability in a sustainable manner.
Insurers, brokers, RiskCare provides you with its prevention platform and white-label engineering services under license, safeguarding your data and your independence to manage your own portfolio.

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RiskCare, a comprehensive offering designed by insurance, risk management, and new technology experts. Three market leaders gathered in an innovative joint venture!

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Reduce accidents in order to proctect people, resources, and the environment.