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Date de publication : 04/01/2024

Riskcare receives Oscar from the FFMI (French Federation of Fire related jobs) in the 'Safety Management' category

RiskCare receives Oscar from the French Federation of Fire related jobs (FFMI) in the "Safety Management" category   


The 2023 Fire Safety Oscars ceremony rounded off a special event organized by the Fédération Française des Métiers de l'Incendie (FFMI) at the Palais du Luxembourg, to celebrate its 60th anniversary. 62 years, to be exact, since the trade association was founded in 1961, under the name "Fédération française du matériel d'incendie". The Covid episode forced the federation to postpone its 60th anniversary celebrations twice.

Dominique Faure, the French Minister for Territorial Collectivities and Rural Affairs, presented the prestigious Oscars to the four 2023 winners, under the watchful eye of the assembled fire safety ecosystem.

Here's a quick presentation of RiskCare, one of the 4 winners: 

Marc Espieux, RiskCare's Managing Director, was awarded the prize in the 'Management' category for a collaborative digital platform for industrial risk management. The starting point for this collaborative digital platform is the following observation: 48% of industrial events could be avoided if weak signals (non-conformity reports, near-accidents, etc.) were taken into account.

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The aim is to co-construct the prevention of industrial risks (60,000 accidents/year, including around 20 fires per day - 2020 figures) by bringing together insurers, operators and third parties (inspection offices, etc.) on a single digital platform. This platform, which will incorporate artificial intelligence to facilitate document management, will enable regulatory documents to be filed and tracked, indicators to be generated and alerts to be escalated.

In particular, the idea is to target accident-prone sectors that are struggling to insure themselves, as well as all SMEs and ETIs that have not reached a critical size to be able to organize risk prevention effectively.


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