Are you looking for a consulting firm that bridges the functional gap between your insurers' requirements and the best risk prevention techniques?

RiskCare is made for you.

Let's talk about objectives before discussing solutions...

Consulting in industrial sites safety

We help you measure the security level of your industrial sites: - Short-term missions: Get a factual view of your financial commitment’s volatility by identifying the potential severity of claims and their occurrence probability. - Long-term missions: Benefit from long-term support to improve your risk management. We strengthen your teams by deploying a consultant on your site.

One reason to choose RiskCare's support?

Save time on your projects thanks to RiskCare.

A reliable Project Management Assistance

Your projects are moving towards the right direction, enabling you to achieve your safety objectives.

Your project manager is accompanied by a RiskCare consultant


The RiskCare consultant gathers and provides you with precise, time-saving elements of analysis and decision-making that enable you to achieve your objectives.


The RiskCare consultant also ensures the functional link between your needs and the project management. Their expertise and experience in project monitoring enable them to understand your constraints and optimize your technical and operational choices, thereby facilitating project coordination and follow-up.


In addition to a perfect understanding of the insurance world, the RiskCare consultant provides you with the expertise of our stakeholder’s network in industrial site protection interventions (installers, engineering/control firms, CNPP...) to successfully carry out your projects.

Expression of the technical and strategic support needs
Definition of safety objectives in collaboration with the client
Documentary study

Choosing RiskCare as your Risk Management Officer,

It means opting for the right solution and the right provider.


By seeking the support of a Risk Management Officer consultant, you prioritize long-lasting installations while protecting people and the environment: - Robustness of the facilities and structures - Fire risk management - Personal safety - Preservation/protection against climatic hazards such as hailstorms.


Every day in France, several dozen of industrial fires require the intervention of emergency services. RiskCare's approach primarily targets fire risk in order to reduce its probability and limit its severe consequences on production assets, insurance premiums, and above all, on the societal environment of the company.

Our experts

Samto Te

Over the past 20 years, Samto has held the position of prevention engineer for various stakeholders, including a control office, an insurance company, and a broker. Additionally, he has worked as a technical manager in Property Management. His experience in risk management and expertise in fire prevention constitute real assets for RiskCare.

Loïc Dongue

With a background in Quality Management, Loïc joined an industrial risk study and prevention department within an insurance company. After spending over 15 years as a prevention engineer and handling key client accounts, Loïc now brings his expertise in risk management to the clients of RiskCare.

Pierre Volant

In his previous career, Pierre was involved in safeguarding economic assets within a ministry. He also demonstrated his skills in the police force and as a consultant within a headhunting firm for construction executives. His diverse sector knowledge gives him significant impact and expertise.

Hamadou N'diaye

Hamadou is an approved fire expert by the French National Centre for Fire Prevention and Protection and has diversified background. He has been risk manager for an industrial company, commercial advisor for businesses at a brokerage firm, property damage underwriter, and fire prevention engineer at an insurance company. He now applies his expertise to serve industrial clients on behalf of RiskCare.

Racine Fall

Initially working as an installer and maintainer of fire safety systems, Racine get trained in risk management for businesses. He has occupied different positions, including project manager, technical fire safety expert, and technical inspector in the fields of electricity and fire safety. His expertise in electrical issues adds significant value to his work.

Valérie Depagne

Valérie has held various leadership positions, overseeing maintenance and risk management within property management and various industries. Later on, she was appointed as the regional technical and security manager for a major retail chain. Her technical, functional, and managerial qualifications are a real guarantee of quality and operational efficiency.

Bastien Cat

During the last 26 years, Bastien has diversified his professional pleasures. He started out with the French Foreign Legion, where he managed multicultural teams on his many trips around the world. He then worked in the industry, providing training in good conduct in dangerous work situations. Finally, he specialized in prevention, protection and safety. Bastien is now deploying his proven expertise on behalf of RiskCare customers.

Adelaïde Brisset

Adélaïde holds a Master's degree in Food-Health Biochemistry from the CNPP (national center for prevention and protection). She has held various project management positions in the fields of quality, research and development, insurance management and industrial risk management, mainly in the agri-food and retail sectors. In particular, she held the position of Asset Safety and Insurance Manager for an industrial player with thirty sites. Her 20 years of managerial, hierarchical and cross-functional experience, combined with her technical qualifications, make Adélaïde a seasoned and committed consultant.

Frederic Desfilles

Over the past 20 years, Frederic has held the positions of electrical and fire specialist for inspection offices. He has also carried out Sprinkler training courses for control office staff and performed initial electrical inspections for major companies. His electrical and sprinkler experience are real assets for RiskCare.

Yoann Cahours

For 28 years, Yoann worked as a security manager for a variety of companies (pharmaceutical and food industries, establishments open to the public, etc.), assessing risks and threats in order to implement appropriate security and safety strategies and policies. The diversity of his knowledge and experience in the field make Yoann a highly qualified consultant.

Stephanie Gracia

With a doctorate in organic chemistry, Stephanie first worked in Research & Development in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and nuclear sectors. She then turned to a career as a QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment) manager, setting up and maintaining accredited and certified management systems. She now offers her skills in chemical processes understanding at the service of RiskCare and its customers.


With a background in European Studies and International Affairs, Benoît subsequently obtained several certifications in security management. Over the past 12 years, he has worked as a manager in the fields of fire safety and security, implementing global security policies to protect people and property. His international experience with multinationals and SMEs in Europe and Latin America combined with his skills in project management turn Benoît into a versatile, multilingual consultant.

Frederic Sagot

With a degree in industrial system’s operational safety, Frédéric quickly specialized in technical expertise of automatic fire extinguishing systems. After several years of work at CNPP (Centre National de Prevention et de Protection) he joined a number of insurance companies as an industrial risk prevention engineer.For over fifteen years, he worked with various different industrial customers of all sizes and in a wide variety of sectors (agriculture, pharmaceuticals, logistics, textiles, etc.), particularly in Sprinkler expertise. Frédéric's in-depth knowledge of all sprinkler-specific norms, guidelines and standards makes him a key resource.

Vincent Vacher

Holder of multiple certifications from the CNPP (Centre National de Prévention et de Protection) and trained to be a firefighter, Vincent began his career with the Paris Fire Brigade before taking up the position of Safety Manager in private and public companies. By overseeing the implementation of safety policies and project management in a variety of companies, Vincent has been able to follow a wide range of projects in different fields, developing a broad range of skills in the main areas of fire safety (fire defense, segregation, detection, automatic extinguishing, etc.). His technical-functional qualifications and managerial experience are a real guarantee of quality, operational efficiency and adaptation to the industrial context in which he operates.