By protecting industrial heritage, we aim to be more than just a service company; we strive to be a company dedicated to serving others.

Industrial risks are often misunderstood, mainly because risk is inherently subjective. These misunderstandings can create friction among stakeholders in the industrial world, both within organizations and with commercial and institutional partners.

As collaborators at RiskCare, our mission is to facilitate the understanding and control of industrial risks by developing an innovative approach based on common denominators. Our approach to safety is simple, objective, collaborative, and effective.

Each of us works to facilitate awareness of industrial risks by promoting a safety-oriented culture, raising awareness, and providing training to industry stakeholders in their quest for security efficiency. We innovate to meet fundamental needs, ensuring a sustainable approach and the resilience of our methodology.

"The greatness of a profession lies above all in uniting people: there is no true luxury but that of human relationships."

Antoine de Saint Exupery

Our platform: a catalyst for human values

Our product development team is focused on creating a digital solution that revolves entirely human focussed:

  • we place human beings at the heart of our approach, seeking their understanding, buy-in, and participation;
  • we enhance work by digitizing low-value-added processes;
  • we open up new avenues for communication and collaboration;
  • we amplify the impact of action plans by making them objective and cross-functional;
  • we bring satisfaction by enabling the measurement of effectiveness and task performance;
  • we give meaning to work!

Our range of services: the cornerstone for industrial risk stakeholders

Our consulting engineers develop a strategy guided by the business objectives of their counterparts:

  • We define the challenges with our clients, assess the impact of accidents, and work together to build solutions;
  • We bring together insurance, multi-technical, and digital expertise within a single organization;
  • Our network and market knowledge position us as a catalyst for solutions, helping our clients make the right choices faster and ensuring their successful implementation.

Our Core Team

Amélie Petit, Administrative Manager

Amélie began her career in social support for individuals in need, working as a Social and Family Economics Counselor (CESF) and as a director in a leisure center. She later shifted her focus to administrative and accounting management, as well as project coordination.

Marie Quement, Product Manager

Marie has supported several companies in the digitalization of their offerings, holding a variety of roles within project management, digital marketing, business analysis, and change management. Certified PSPO, she later specialized in digital product management.

Marc Espieux, Chief Executive Officer

After starting his career in the Foreign Legion, Marc trained in risk management for businesses. He held the position of Risk Manager in an Intermediate-sized Industrial Company (ETI) and later became the Head of Industrial Risk Prevention for a major insurance company before founding RiskCare.

Frédéric Anthounet, Head of Innovation and Digital Solutions

Starting out as a consultant, Frédéric went on to become project manager and product manager, acquiring skills in both project management and the development of insurance offerings, especially in the field of industrial risks. Strengthened by this expertise, he has supported several insurance companies in their digital transformation, right up to the design of the RiskCare platform.

Gaétan DE VILLÈLE, Head of business development and strategic partnerships

Graduated with a master degree in Digital Marketing, Gaétan has been selling digital solutions for over 15 years, initially in the marketing and communications sectors. Attentive to his customers' needs and strategies, he supports the digitalization of companies' business issues. Gaétan has joined RiskCare to advise and support his customers and partners !

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